Macbeth is not bad – all right, all right – but : Macbett is delirious.

Don’t come grumbling to me about your great English author, do you? Yes, yes, I like Macbeth – his charming wife – his old king who has the audacity to still have plenty of blood in his body.

But comparing the two is like comparing the Himalayas with the Plateau de Mille-vaches. The comparison insults both.

So Macbett is a totally insane play that came to Eugene Ionesco’s mind.

It’s almost the same story – but no Lady Macbett in this story – there is a Mrs. Duncan.
And witches.
And here are the witches who start to do anything, they transform themselves, we don’t know who is who anymore, Macbett marries the Mrs. Duncan once the husband is sent to see the roots of the flowers for a long time – and bam, it wasn’t the real Mrs., the real Mrs. finds that Macbett is ugly, that he stinks, that he’s vile from every pore and won’t regret his death.

Macbett – Avignon 2006

It is therefore, a bit like yours, a story of envy and treachery.
With a degree of madness even more advanced than in your great author, they steal the heads on the stage of Macbett, it is an indigestion of heads to cut (France is never far).

For that alone, for the flamboyant madness that takes over the stage – and quickly the entire spectators – it is worth showing Macbett.

And it has an immediate side benefit – it makes you want to see Macbeth.

A secondary benefit: it’s very easy to get the audience involved in this show –

A tertiary benefit: it’s especially easy to imagine placing virtual reality passages that are bound to be terribly impressive.

So: I vote for Macbett – theatre of the absurd which is not so absurd – just watch the news to see it.

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