Oksana Pylypchuk

Circus / VR : Legendary Mode, Heroic Mode, Experienced, Confirmed ? Novice ? oh well…

I’ve tried, I promise you, I swear to you – I have a feeling you won’t believe me, but how could I possibly do that? – I’ve been trying to find a great show with a car or bike theme. I’ve been drilling (drilling ? mmmmm… the Frenchie likes the sound – sorry- no, I’m not) everyone between my boats and my planes – I know.

So in all honesty I looked for other means of transportation.

Bicycles – yes, I found some things – I don’t like them, but they exist. But I don’t like them.
But then the car, nothing – a complete desert in my mind. Probably because I have enough of a show in real life with my cars, I can’t explain it any other way. So much for the GTA connection – I’ll pass that on to someone else.

So, instead of continuing with the machine theme, I’ll stick with the Virtual Reality theme.

And then it gets better.

In order for you to understand, it is essential that you take a good look at what this artist does.

It is about aerial circus – that is to say what I – yes myself – consider as the most extravagant media to play with Virtual Reality.
Yes, you love the circus – as I do.

So – be a little serious, no kidding – so I want us to offer several levels of Virtual Reality.

Look at this lady, Oksana Pylypchuk :

It’s done?

you were at level 0 of Virtual Reality.

Some kind of novice who has never put a helmet on his head. Grandpa in his slippers, grandma in her knitting – level 0.

Well, okay, not 0, it’s not fancy to put 0. Let’s say level 1 : Novice, because you managed to put the helmet on your head – anyway.

If you haven’t eaten too much and you think you still have more stamina than grandpa in his slippers, we can consider moving on to level 2: Confirmed.
Unbelievable – but true: you’re going to “be” the lady. It will start to shake a little more – you will be in her eyes, you will see what she sees. You just lost 30 years, just like that, in peace.

Are you still with me? Did your doctor confirm that you don’t have a heart problem?
Then let’s go to level 3: Experienced.
If you think I’m cheeky – me ??? – rest assured, I’m not above level 0 for myself – but that doesn’t stop me from laughing.
From level 3 on, the human point of view is no longer the order of the day.
If we were really playing, you’d be… somewhere you can guess where.
Since we are still imagining this, I cheat, because I like you – and I tell you where you are: did you see the hoop? did you see the attachment between the hoop and the cable? You’re there – pointing down – just to see what’s going on anyway.

Since I’m a bit of a tease, and you’re on level 3… you noticed that this place is not so fixed and not so horizontal – sometimes it looks like the artist is putting her hands on you to make you slide – so… I think you’ll slide… but yes it will be very funny.

You’re not afraid, are you?
Besides, you trust me completely? of course you do. I trust you – you trust me – all is fine & perfect
So… come on: level 4, it’s going to be really… how do I put this? fun – that’s it: it’s going to be fun.
We enter, you and I, without even a shadow of a doubt, into level 4: Heroic.
For this level, there will be some editing – because you’re going to experiment without warning, – there’s no time and then it’s not the objective and then it wouldn’t amuse me to warn – so without warning you’re going to change places.

Ready ? I know you are – let’s go.

If you look closely, it’s not just the hitching place that goes fast – it’s also the hoop – left/right.
There’s the top clips – yes, above, normally you don’t look at those. I don’t know if the word is correct – but you get the idea.
You didn’t forget to look at the artist? You won’t be in the place of his face – but the other places interest me a lot. Very much so.

so…a little trip to the wrist/knee/neck/hip/thigh/neck/foot sounds like… so much fun to me to suggest you.

Okay, it’s spinning. And it slides at the same time – it falls while spinning – you’ll have to come out of it with a much better understanding of the malaise of the dead leaves that the whole world doesn’t care about. The sequence well done, you will have experienced something incredible. You will have earned all my admiration in the process, even if this is a detail.

Maybe… maybe you feel like playing even harder with this artist and thus playing in level 5 : Legendary mode ? all right, let’s go, & wait & see

For her, frankly, what I like is…
Look at her feet. Do you choose left foot or right foot? That’s the only option I leave you with.
If you play as a couple, you’ll split the game.
So, let’s go with right foot.
Not the whole foot – you’re just ‘an eye’ put there, by chance.
Where then?
Yes. Perfectly – exactly where you just said it would be cool. Exactly at the tip of the big toe.
So yes it’s true… it will take you a while to figure out exactly where you are. You’ll have the advantage of seeing the ground closing in on you at an unreasonable speed, there’s going to be a crash and indeed there will be a crash – the foot lands and you’re crushed – but that’s okay, because it all starts up again and there you are, scraping the runway a few millimeters away and whoops but where did you go? So high? So fast?

Take a good look at this location, the right foot is not bad at all – ask yourself what you could see there … and I swear you’ll almost get the idea of fun in real life.

Which gives me, Altair, what?
Virtual Reality proposals that spectators can follow in any order they want, because they are different.

And spectators who will not have seen the whole show – I know that level 1 is that of the “real” spectator – he will not have the whole show – he will have an extract. And … well, yes, I’ve been thinking about something else, but I wonder if it’s honest.
The objective of level 1 is not to move – you remain a spectator.
In order not to give the real show in VR and to give a little bit of fun content to this level 1, proposing the novice place at the top, in the structure that allows to hang the cables is a way of working that I like enough even if it ‘cheats’ a little bit with the sales argument: let’s see grandpa, it’s like in a real chair.

But because of this, going to see the show in real life, sitting in real life, is not spoiled – and even I think it must be very very pleasant to see it again with normal vision – as if we were trying to understand a quantum puzzle – a Sherlock Holmes effect, that’s it Watson, I too have understood what was going on.

Are you all right? It will be terrific.

As for this artist, Oksana Pylypchuk, I did not choose her by chance – I very much appreciated the cutting of her scene, the rise in power and speed and that, as if it were easy – with a theme that she works with a magnificent finesse, she presented what she thought about the soul.

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Featured Image : Oksana Pylypchuk – Soul.

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