Freyja’s tales

Freyja is a major Norse goddess – perhaps the greatest, depending on the tale.
She has the beauty of Aphrodite – the love of war of Athena.

Sometimes she represents the one who guards the golden apples :

& then Richard Wagner immortalizes her for a few more centuries in The Nibelungen Ring – Part I The Rhine Gold – scene 2 :

Ring Das Rheingold, Scene 2

But Freyja is much more than all that – she is an idea of woman, the one who is not weak, the one who is beauty and strength at the same time.

It is said that the gold is so precious because it is made of Freyja’s tears – and the beautiful goddess does not cry often, her tears are as rare as they are priceless. When her tears fall into the sea, the gold turns red and men piously collect the amber, a reminder of the goddess’ pain when her husband disappeared.

Gustav Klimt – The kiss and Freyja’s Tears of gold

The elders said that she had an absolute weakness for the unbearable animal that is the cat.

The story goes that this is because of Thor.
He woke her up, with his chariot pulled by stupid and angry goats. She reprimands him, he leaves apologizing – you don’t upset the most beautiful and strongest of goddesses without damage.

He leaves to fish the water dragon. But while he is fishing, a strange song interrupts him. The song is sweet and Thor falls asleep, calmed.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to calm Thor down for long. When he wakes up and resumes his fishing, he still hears the song.
Angered, he heads towards the noise – in the high branches of a tree, he sees two huge blue cats, and even higher up, an even bigger cat singing the song.
Thor curses him – and learns that the giant cat is trying to calm his kittens by singing them a lullaby. He’s a single daddy cat, he has a lot of trouble with the little ones.

Thor considers the monstrous kittens – figures they would be a perfect gift for Freyja – and well… after almost a fight, takes the two monsters away.

The goddess is enchanted and falls in love with the blue cats – they will drive her chariot when they grow up.

Freyja’s loves

From then on, everything that is feline comes under the protection of the goddess.
Nobody could tell them anything.

Unfortunately, in Norse mythology, people thought that our destinies were balls of yarn – like in Greece.
Put cats next to balls of yarn…

& now you know why human destiny is quite inextricable and often incomprehensible.
It is because of Freyja’s cats.

And since everyone knows that she loved cats, what animal should you seduce in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Cats. A considerable number of side quests around the cats of the great goddess Freyja.
Recruit a cat into the crew

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Ubisoft 2019

Find the lost cats of the goddess etc etc :

This gives, around the great female character of Freyja, not only operas to present, but also tales and in addition real links with the universe of AAA video games.

Surprising? not at all.
Jump on it? of course.

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Featured Image : from Freyja’s Tears of gold, by Gustav Klimt

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