Fantasia – by Telemann


Classical music ?
Let’s go.

Let’s start slowly – not everyone is ready to receive classical music, just like that, right in their ears, at an unexpected moment.
Telemann, baroque composer. And here it is, I had to come too.

Telemann wrote more than 6000 works. We still have about 3600 of them. At a rate of one work per day, without almost any vacations or breaks, it would take us 10 years to finish them. 9 and several months if we play at full speed.
I wonder why I bother to look for other subjects to stage.

Especially since I bet you my shirt that at the end of the tenth year, we will have forgotten the works of the beginning.
We could create an infernal loop, an eternal movement of programming, by staying exclusively on Telemann.

Enough of the chitchat.

In the immensity of Telemann’s works, if we have to program classical music, and yes we do, because discovering the unknown is always an adventure
I have chosen to start quietly, with his Fantasies.

The word is reassuring, we feel carried away by the wonderful universe of Mr. Walt Disney, we can let ourselves be transported.

Fantasia – Disney & Tchaikovsky : The Nutcracker suite – 1940

In order not to scare the barbarian away immediately, I think it is a good idea to start with something light, fast and lively, with a well-known and much-loved sound: the piano.

Edie Park – Fantasi un G Minor

The human animal being less suspicious, we can continue our subtle approach with this other great contemporary instrument that is the guitar – the score is adapted, and it gives a great moment of happiness:

Goran Krivokapic – Telemann Fantasia n° 1

The hardest part is over – our audience is relatively tame – they have even forgotten that they are listening to baroque music. It is then possible to increase the difficulty slightly, with the flute – the atmosphere is definitely darker – but the path has been traced :

Nathanaël Carré – Fantasia n°2 in a minor

And to finish in beauty, by combining the most beautiful and the most difficult, here is the violin – but not a violin with a funeral suit, no a perfect violin played by a perfect artist and especially perfectly of our time :

Anna Yanova Fantasia n° 9

And that’s it – it’s childish, after all, to program baroque music for barbarians. All you have to do is to go gradually – and also to accept to break the visual code of the great seriousness and boredom that falls on the barbarian like lightning on the oak tree.

This allows – the opportunity is too good for me to miss – to put back one of those little video games based on music – even classical music –

It’s a bit “old”, it’s from 2014, it’s Fantasia Music Evolved – you know, from the time when game developers thought it was too cool to send their players gesticulating like idiots in their living rooms.
It’s a two-player game – each player has to “hit” targets of his or her color – under the too-fast music of Vivaldi

and this is how the barbarians of all horizons will feel at home.

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Featured Image : from Fantasia, Disney 1940 – Dance of the Sugar Plume Fairy – Tchaikovsky

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