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This game series is already old, that’s right.
It’s part of a genre I don’t like very much, so I hadn’t mentioned it yet too much.
It is about dystopias.

I’m willing to admit that my personal tastes may not always be the best and therefore ….let these dystopias enter my mental universe.
& they are terribly fashionable fort at least 30 years , and

arrghhh; in two seconds I’m going to get mad & prove by a+b why they are stupid –

no I won’t. Self control to the max, yes I can – what color pill should I take?

Sorry. So dystopia is as old as time and it’s very pleasant I think, because it allows us to find ourselves very intelligent in a world of ignoble immoral warts.
So there are endless amounts of plays and shows on the theme. With a good peak for at least 30 years –

And there are also video games – lots of them – that are based on the exploitation of dystopias.
Some use it as a starting point for a narrative – others as a setting – and some make it the real narrative core of their games.
This is the case of BioShock, released for its first episode in 2007.

Once the principle of dystopia is accepted, it is an excellent game.

The basis is almost simple: a billionaire has decided to build the ideal city under the Atlantic. A city without all the jerks that pollute the outside. – No, I didn’t think of this game because of what is happening in my country right now, me ??? no, no, not at all –

A purely anarchist city – that’s because the subject pisses me off but interests me. That’s not what it says about the game – that’s what I say. It is not a game that features capitalism or liberalism. It features anarchy as a principle of society.

A city where everyone is totally free – of everything. No one will lecture you. Nobody will censor you. No one will come and take the money you’ve earned on your own. Nobody will help you either, you just have to earn money by yourself.

So : a purely liberal city – if you don’t know what liberal economic theory is.
A purely pragmatic city – if you confuse pragmatism with short-sightedness.
A city that will go to ruin as quickly as it is created.

When the player arrives, then : you – everything has become monstrous – the dream is a pure nightmare. You will either have to die or accept to become monstrous in your turn – monstrous up to what point will be your – real – problem in the game: this is, again, an excessively well written, well scripted, well thought game.

Much more interesting than most books and movies on the subject, because (yes I am rambling) – because YOU decide your actions. You don’t look at the actions of others – you are the driving force in the action.

It is possible to play this game like a kid, i.e. by going through it as fast as possible to get to the end – or by taking the time to listen to the various recordings of the various stiffs you will meet. The dystopia side really comes in when we’ve taken the time to play, in the details – that’s the literary side that I like about these games – there’s a real big story, with a lot of details that help flesh it out

If we need a way to discourage young people from creating ideal cities, we might as well go through the games – they teach unforgettable life lessons.

As a result, with a theme like this, there are still dozens and dozens of links to be created with the world of performance – especially theatre, but some contemporary dance creations would fit perfectly into the style, some modern circus creations as well.
I’m not even talking about the music to be proposed on stage, you have understood for a long time that it is a major way to create a bridge between the two universes.

I don’t think I’d volunteer to work on this theme – but : I was pretty honest after all? – I talked about it without saying why it gets on my nerves so quickly.
Here’s a hint: it’s because it’s all lukewarm water thinking – far too easy

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Featured Image : from BioShock – developed by Irrational Games (ex 2K B) / Cloud Chamber

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