Amadou & Mariam


Direction Mali tonight – this part of Africa that we know by ” people say that ” and that can be understood and loved through its artists

Amadou and Mariam are incredible, wonderful, refreshing, artists and musicians.

The song “Beaux dimanches à Bamako” (Beautiful Sunday in Bamako) makes them known – and frankly, what a beautiful song – wedding day, day of joy, day of celebration, that’s the Sunday in Bamako sung by Amadou and Mariam, a couple on stage and in the city.

If you take the time to listen to “Je pense à toi / I think of you” you will hear, even if the lyrics are in French, everything that love means when it is infinite. How it is present day and night, how it is an obsession and a charm at the same time, with their own sounds, which are so poignant :

This, I find, is a pure treasure :

I don’t know how well known they are – but what I do know is that they deserve to be well known.

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Featured Image : …..from Amadou & Mariam

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