Marvellous Instruments n° 8

An astonishing musical instrument, where the neophyte watches, amazed, the musician slide his instrument. It is a wind instrument, but not only.

Of course, there is an immense variety of trombones, music is the art of finesse and the sounds are as sensitive and subtle as the variations of color – to each variation of sound, its variation of form.

It is undoubtedly this flexibility that has allowed this instrument to offer itself to all musical genres, and to bring this curious sound, at the same time low and bright :

Here it is used in a completely different way, but still stands out from the others with its strange sound, full of warmth and gravity – the difference with the other instruments is so obvious in this piece :

A little more classical music: with the Cavatine by Camille Saint-Saëns, splendidly played by this young man Shao-Wei Huang

As for Ska – how can you play Ska without a trombone? and Reggae?

In fact, the trombone is so well known that it has become part of the internet – yes yes :

Is he exaggerating?
Yes – for once I’m not the one exaggerating.

Here it was, the first treasure of March.

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      1. Only if he’s asked to. He’s already 70 and according to him, he’s having difficulty in breathing when he plays. But 2 years ago in their high school reunion, he was asked to play again and he can’t say no! hahahaha! But he didn’t play trombone in their high school band. He played the drums. He also plays the flute, trumpet, the piano, and other instruments. But with all the musical instruments he knows, he ended up being a salesman. That’s where he’s truly best at, according to him. Sorry, this is so long already. 😊

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        1. Oh, please – this is a very touching story – 🙂 I understand better why the trombone is put away – the beautiful thing is that he never forgot that he loves music – we are too much in an absolute world, we should be “everything” something – then what? why? he was right! 🙂

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