“Grande” or “Chica” ?


This time, I hope to surprise you.
No – I know that some of you will smile when you see this beautiful word land on the shores of Altair.

Zarzuela is Spanish – from what I’ve seen, the French are very busy figuring out where to put it: Opera? not really. Comic opera? not so much – Opera buffa? bof.

Zarzuela, you have to listen to it, it is a bit of all that and it is something else – it is family and that’s it.

But what is certain is that, for the Zarzuela, you will have enough to employ great singers and they will not be disappointed, on the contrary.

As for the public, it will be delighted to discover this Spanish treasure with a name that sings and dances

It will even be very possible to win the hearts of a very serious audience, which would tend to find Altair generally too casual. The proof? Check out :

And – I confess – what pierced my heart was to learn that the Zarzuela exists in two formats – the large one, ah yes madam and sir, come and spend your whole evening with us

and the small one, ah yes madam and sir, come to see Altair, before after having shivered in Virtual Reality, what better than a Zarzuela Chica to recover you? promised, you will not have come for nothing, promised we thought about it, about this problem of time and we solved it in the most lively way.

Want to know more?
Okay – here are some excerpts :

I know : a complete “Grande” show, it’s not an extract anymore!

Home Page

Featured Image : from a score by Ruperto Chapi

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