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Turak is not a show name at all, even if you can sometimes find it in titles.
Turak, at the very least, could be the core of the name of an imaginary country: Turakia – not Turkey at all, even if from Turkey the artists probably took the love of strange puppets.

Turakia is a country where objects have become alive. Where humans have become some kind of strange things, human still but how to say? Exactly like in Mass Effect Solution 3, they have achieved a fusion with the world of objects and machines.
Granted, their machines are far less advanced. But the idea is there.
So it’s a company of what we call in France: theater with objects.
And Turak is the name of the man who created this company.

I have necessarily told you about them, here or there – for one show or another. But the whole company deserves to be noticed.

What is interesting with them, it is that they do not prohibit themselves anything. But then, nothing at all.
If they feel like Opera, then the objects will also start to sing – and you will have on stage the strangest Carmen one can imagine.
And a stunningly beautiful one.

If they are in the mood for theater, then the objects and their humans will start telling you their common stories.

If they want to dance, then they will dance. If they feel like circus and acrobatics, then it will be circus and wonderful acrobatics on the program.

The only limit is the limit of their imagination. So it’s a very distant limit.

This is exactly the kind of show that should not be “said” but should be shown. All the ingenuity of their art comes in what they manage to do with spoons, buoys, bicycle wheels, playmobils, electric wires, salad bowls, drainers, pumps, mismatched shoes, canoes, shells, boxes, etc.

As I am keen to favour shows that naturally create links with the world of video games, I obviously can’t miss this company at all. I’ve known them for years – I know that the only thing they lack is a little more exposure, because: puppets? is this theater serious? – and frankly that’s the stupidest question I’ve ever heard. And frankly, it’s the stupidest question I’ve ever heard. And the most vile brake you can put on artists.

Yes, I guess I know what you’re thinking – it’s very strange to see – the 3rd end of ME too (well…) – but above all it works in the room, it’s absolutely incredible, they get the attention of young and old alike, and the applause is not polite, it’s hearty and loud as anything, a real pleasure to hear.

then : no brakes for Altair, even less questions, but above all a huge: Go! We look at you, and we love you!

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Featured Image : From Turak company.

One more? for the weekend?

See you Sunday night!

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