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Impossible not to share this discovery with you.

Izumi ? Izumi ????

For the westerner, this is the name of a Japanese restaurant.
For the seasoned military man, it will be the name of an English cruiser originally built for the Chileans
For the manga fanatic, it will be a character from Naruto
Or Izumi, Lord of Fire, daughter of Lord Zuko

Yes, yes. All this is very good – and it brings us closer to Japan.

The Izumi that interests me is a musical.
It is exactly here:

And I hope you notice the strange instruments used.

The young woman plays the Koto.
It is a rather bulky instrument – it is easily over 2 meters long.
It is of the zither family – has 13 silk strings that are plucked with scrapers.
Very charming instrument for very charming musicians.

The man plays the shakuhachi. It is a very long flute – straight – with 5 holes – which was for a long time reserved for the monks and which became popular with time – to the point of being used now in contemporary compositions.
It is – as it seems – the instrument that takes us all into the ways of Japan, because of its absolutely particular sound.

And the two instruments together make for a very nice piece of music, which has such a well-known name that it is surprising that the music has faded so much into the background.

And of course, as soon as the way is open, you just have to follow it to find wonders scattered everywhere

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