The Meta Disaster

High -Tech.

is really, really, a great, great news for a project like Altair
Of course, it’s not nice, not kind, not not & what ?

who cares about kindness?
That’s not the point here.

How is this good news?
Because it leaves all room in the virtual reality field and because it proves, to those who believed in pink elephants & no more, that this field is still not intelligently exploited.

And that’s good news.

There are several things to note – but the most obvious point – how can they not see it? – is the masterly mistake about the target audience.

Meta is aimed at serious people & people who like cute avatars & ancestors who still emote on Facebook – people who should have loved having a virtual reality helmet on their head to do their work meetings :

A working place …. done in Germany :

But ? seriously?

The workers are serious – they certainly do their job very seriously – and they don’t give a damn about new technologies.
The work side was lost in advance – serious work does not go well with cute avatars.
The ancestors side will not be successful – they will follow “the youngsters” with 10 years of delay – this is exactly the logic that applied to Facebook.

It remains? nobody.

oh yes -sorry – the pink elephant lovers – yes yes – well.. are they numerous enough? reliable enough to invest so much money? won’t they quickly get a headache, looking for pink elephants everywhere?
and unfortunately, they are often in the famous “yes life” category: the absolute grip of the Virtual Reality helmet will not please them for long I think

Then it remains ? nobody ? sure ? sure –

– not even the Meta employees.

So then?
So, before playing, asking yourself who you’re going to play with is a priority.
The people who are most interested in Virtual Reality, who are going to buy a Virtual Reality helmet, who are going to wear it, who are going to launch the game, are young people and gamers.
The others, maybe, in 30 years – and ? this can not be sure at all

Those young people and gamers are not going to love spending money and time on some ugly remake of Animal Crossing.
If they want to use Virtual Reality, it’s to find what reality can’t give them – not in a, not in b, not in z – on any point of reality.

And that is the great news for Altair : because the fun, that’s exactly what the Virtual Reality dimension of Altair is.
Except for the “grandma” level – all the other levels of entry into virtual reality are designed to give sensations that are impossible to experience in real life.
And that, that is fun.

That’s the fun that Meta lacks – Meta and all the others – for that matter, they would make their audience die of boredom under their helmets.

You have to understand the physical commitment of this new technology, before spending billions in the wind.
It is so important that it necessarily provokes reactions of rejection – and this, this is normal.
& that it also raises expectations that have not yet been fulfilled – and that, that is not normal, but that is the chance for a project like Altair to succeed and win where the sad giant has fallen short.

To offer what you can never experience in real life
To propose several levels of entry into the virtual world
Several game choices: solo, duo, group
Combine everything and draw from the vastness of live performance creations to feed virtual reality experiences

In short, make people dream
isn’t that what people like about entertainment?

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