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In my topic: do video games like classical arts, do they use them and do they share them with their players? – this time the game : BioShock Infinite, produced by 2K Games.

The series of 3 AAA BioShock games explores a universe: that of a realized utopia, which turns to hell and to the most frightening dystopia.

The first two opuses – I talked about them – deal with a city created under the sea – Rapture – where men have freed themselves from the laws and moral constraints of the surface.
It gives: incredible games, and quite terrifying when you listen to what the characters say.

The last volume is Infinite.
This time, they change the apparent universe.
The utopian city created is called Columbia – they have moved to a place above the clouds & they have decided to secede from the rotten America of the 19th century.

The developers’ gamble was risky, because this time, their criticism is very direct and goes against almost every religious – and especially Christian – community that can exist in the world.
In France, absolute horror: a game where Christian signs are the atmosphere of the game, no, no, no, no way, no way

Nevertheless, it is an absolutely excellent game – in my opinion the best of the three.

Here you are, lost in an idyllic and frighteningly reliogic world – only to discover soon enough the evil secret behind the whole idyll – of course, it’s up to you to save the girl who is the major victim of this whole false utopia, based on false sentiments and appallingly cynical interpretations of Christian teachings.

Since you, the character, are a good-hearted creep – you know, the guy who drinks too much, loses fortunes gambling, but has a good shot with a gun and enough courage to embark – for a reward – on skin-piercing adventures while you try to reload your gun.

Obviously, it’s an FPS – first person shooter: that means you’ll be shooting, a lot and often.
Just the kind of game that is considered as toxic waste for the youth by people who don’t know these games.

In the course of the adventure, you learn that the dead wife of the game’s mad prophet has a memorial, where you must go.

And then – the moment of the purest enchantment – watch this :

You come out – did you dream, it was Mozart’s Requiem?
You come back – you don’t dream at all, it’s Mozart’s Requiem
Each room dedicated to each movement
The Confutatis which will literally become a hellish moment – the videos show the world after the game – during which of course you can’t walk around calmly, everyone wants your skin and your scalp if possible.

Evidemment, obviously, even the combat times are adapted to the movements of Requiem.
A pure moment of happiness, just like that, slipped into an FPS.

And you still think that you can’t take kids to hear Mozart’s Requiem because it’s old people music?

Can you imagine what it would be like to play this Requiem with the sets made for Bioshock Infinite? – to propose it in partnership with 2K Games?

Can you imagine what it would be like, announced in advance on the AA App, with missions : BioShock like – linked?

If you’ve played this one, you, you will know that the : let’s play with VR side can be so so scary to achieve !!!!

Mmm – maybe do you want an idea ?

All this to note, once again, that one only has to bend down to find huge links between the old culture and the young culture.

Now, it would be kind and honest of the old to acknowledge the youth culture – and I admit I still don’t understand why nobody is jumping on this, the links are so obvious. Rimbaud in Mass Effect 2 – Baudelaire in Dark Souls 2 – Shakespeare almost everywhere, and ?

and nothing at all, the silence, the ignorance, contempt, stupidity, pfffft ! that could be sad

oh – sorry – there’s going to be a netflix movie – when will people stop thinking with anvils in their brains? the movie is going to flop – because it’s pure duplication and the game will always be a thousand times better than the movie.

not sad, no – it’s just pathetic
but above all it still leaves room for Altair

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Featured Image : BioShok Infinite, by Irrational Games/2K Boston, produced par 2K Games 2013

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