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Mowgli must be the most endearing character in any story in the world.
Okay – you’re going to tell me: my poor friend, you know that everything was definitely burned by the pure genius of Walt Disney?

I recognize that it will be a little difficult to argue with you otherwise.

It is difficult? Really?
Then it’s fun.

It is even more than difficult.
Doing better than Disney? On this tale? it is totally impossible.
To beat Baloo and Baghera? the absolutely brilliant songs that have rocked every childhood in the world – or almost…

The Jungle Book – Kipling – by Disney

pff, the poor little lady – by dint of being hit on the head and in the nose, she has become completely stupid – Ah! if that’s what you think, pfff pffft ! read – please.

as you know almost all my tricks – it’s a lucky coincidence no ? .. since I’ve been talking to you for so long! – I will avoid the famous “yes, but did you know that Mowgli, above all, is the masterly work of Mr. Kipling?”
Everyone knows that.

Huge chance, by the way – since it allows to adapt this major work for a theatre/puppet/music and dance stage.

I’ll get straight to the point – obviously I love this story and obviously I’m not going to tell it since everyone knows it more or less.

What I want to do with Mowgli is to invent the virtual reality for children – the sweet one, the enchanted reality, the reality of those who will go dancing with Baloo, summoning with Kaa and frightening the terrible Shere Khan!
Can you imagine that?
Finally being there?
Finally taking part in this party?

You see them, all these kids in the banana tree, who see the good big bear coming and paf! they fall and fly in all directions! they can even dance, they do not risk anything, it is virtual and I do not see at all why fireflies would not dance – especially virtual fireflies.

My purpose is certainly not to do better than one, nor to pulverize the other by my breathtaking genius tralala – this kind of challenge has no interest.
On the other hand, to propose something that no one has ever proposed from this story, then of course it’s exciting.

With the Virtual Reality, the interest of The Jungle Book appears under a new light – it is beautiful, the jungle, from afar – how is it when you are in its heart? how will you react when you are a few centimeters away from Kaa? and – maybe – more : what will you see?

The sweet mode is not designed for virtual sports exploits – it is not intended to put children in difficulty in their spatial location, and even less to scare them. However, to give them this kind of journey into the heart of the most fantastic stories of the human imagination, then it is a real dream.

And then….. in addition….. it is so possible to resume and play on another mode…. even in the cinema they have managed the feat –

From : Aladdin – Disney

so, a genie comes along and all the children are transformed into Prince Ali living a daydream-

yes – I like.

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Featured Image : The Jungle Book, by R. Kipling, illustrated by Jouve

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