Im siebten Himmel

Or in English: To the seventh Heaven.

Almost classical ballet

Let’s go to Vienna for this last day of the year – Vienna, perfectly, it’s winter, the cold comes in and with it the Viennese chocolates dripping with Chantilly whipped cream, the little shiny pumps, the gloves on the hands and the smell of mulled wine, all filled with spices and citrus fruits to make you love winter – Vienna, in a word – whose national ballet invites us to the seventh heaven
Nice invitation

I know, I have already spoken about Vienna – last winter, no doubt, what do you want, we go through the winters one after the other, and Vienna is always there – habits are the courtesies of princes, what can I do about it? then, please, today in Vienna – in the so, so famous Wiener Staatsoper, to be precise.

It was therefore a question of making, as always, fantastic new things out of old things
Take a ballet that was created ten years ago, chew on it in every direction, dream it over and over again, and take it back now that it has matured: so you will not see this – but its remodeled version, ten years later

Add to this a mad declaration of love from Mahler to his wife and create the following fatastic piece – of which you will only get a glimpse of a rehearsal here : Fly Paper Bird

And finish with Balanchine and his Symphony in C, to weave a brand new ballet that will send all its spectators literally to the 7th heaven, whether they are happy in their love or not.
Isn’t it beautiful?

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Featured Image : the so famous Wiener Staatsoper

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