Dubai ?

We are all French, so why Dubai?

First because it is a beautiful city. A splendor.
Secondly because it’s a young, amazing and attractive city.
Finally because it has become synonymous with Impossible realized.

And Altair wants to realize the Impossible in the field of the show.

It must also be said that some of us have loved to live in Dubai, and have never recovered.

Dubai : fireworks 2016

But why would Dubai want Altair?

Because it is time for Dubai to take its place as the capital of 21st century culture: the one that combines everything to create the new.

New York? The MET. Milan? The Scala. Paris ? La Comédie Française. Moscow? The Bolshoi.

One thing is certain, these halls are prestigious. They are halls of creation that allow their countries to shine through soft power, Carpe Diem, French exceptions and Russian classical splendours which are also certain. HOWEVER, THEY ARE ALL OLD AND CONVENTIONAL HALLS.

From the summit of the Burj Khalifa, can we remain satisfied with what has come from foreign lands, restrained by limited ingenuity and trapped in 20th century conventions that have never been renewed? After having innovated the world by developing economically and architecturally, is it not finally the era of the Emirate to take its place by the means of its cultural diversity?

Very few leaders have protected the Arts, namely Laurent the Magnificent, Louis 14th, Catherine of Russia. This has kept their names in the memories of all and allowed their countries to impose their cultural influences.

Diversity of Dubai

Building and financing an influential theatre is a political act.

It is, literally, the same as being up on stage on a global level and is an act economically to entice the biggest cultural creators and the biggest entertainment businesses.

By proposing THE FIRST 2.0 THEATRE, which is a theatre that links together live performances and those of the virtual worlds, Dubai will place itself as the leader in the cultural world.

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