Let’s imagine the launch of the first season.

Machine de Nantes

In the forecourt, the monstrous Machines from Nantes pounding on the paving stones as they greet the audiences.

Machine de Nantes : Héron

Inside, the hall is completely filled:

It is the inauguration, the seats were free as well as the refreshments.

The curtain is down. All the lights are off and the hall is in total darkness. Only the shadows of the monsters outside can be seen.

No noise apart from those of the theatrical directors can be heard, as if there was a tremendous technical problem: The curtain will not rise.

Suddenly, coming from the left side of the hall, terrifying mechanical noises, crashing and cluttering, followed by a crackling mechanical robot’s voice which cries out to explain that, it has arrived and is going to resolve the situation.

Suddenly, there are flashes of light.

It will be a Cl4p-Trp type robot.

Cl4p-Tp, the iconic character from the video game Borderland !

Borderland : the famous Cl4p-Tp

The younger generations will be visually enticed as they recognise this character and the others will understand his style from his voice and pitiful appearance.

The remote controlled robot will come down the ramp and access the stage to re-enact its famous scene.

With its grippers up in the air, it will proclaim: « Curtain! Open! I am programmed to open curtains! »

The lights gradually illuminate the hall.

The theatrical masters appear stunned as they stand near the C14p-Tp robot. A stagehand appears and presses a big red button on the right side of the stage that raises the curtain. Once this occurs, the show can begin but will be regularly interrupted by the robot that will make the presenters act in maintaining the rest of the schedule. This will put into motion a lyrical singer, acrobats, one of the monsters from outside and finally, in a last gesture, the take off of the Altair spaceship with the first images of its maiden flight broadcasted directly.

Star Citizen – Moon of Crusada

By this, the audience will not only have attended the viewing of videos but a full performance that demonstrated all the technical capacities. This will immediately show the collaboration between the Performing Arts, video games and Altair’s uniqueness. This staging will be enforced by iconic characters witnessing Altair’s maiden voyage in the virtual world.

Altair, the first 2.0 theatre is launched.

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