Easy to say. Difficult to do.

Especially when you come from different professional worlds.

For everyone to be satisfied, you have to start by knowing each other’s work.

I think I’m not teaching anything by saying that stating that digital capture only concerns movements.

Lights, sounds, appearances are not involved.

And most artists want to give more than their movements: they would like to see part of their show inside video games.
Thus it will be necessary that these spectacles have a link with the games.

In the medium term, it would therefore give shows thougth with videogame designers.
Not entirely. But in part.

To that, they need to work together, they need a place for working : that is why Altair will propose to be producer, or co-producer of their work.

It is necessary to organize the joint work of these two professional worlds.
Put them in relation.
Help them understand their respective issues.
Support their creative process with human and technical equipment.

Spotlight this work with the use of different festivals & events.

This is a unique opportunity to take first place.
There is no producer of this kind yet.

But there will be, because this idea is basically obvious.

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