Money money money

I seem to be joking – but money is the nerve of war. And even I know it.

Altair is a very expensive project.
Theatres do not have a good reputation for the financial side.

Our challenge has been to imagine a theatre that will bring in money.

Not a little. Very much.
Because we built Altair as others built Hollywood: using everything that already exists, putting everything in relation and not forgetting to produce the creations.

Real shows – real seats

Capitalising on more than 80% of the halls being filled within the first year and ensuring its filling rate continues to increases afterwards. These results were obtained by our recent Theatre, located far from Paris, despite the fact that its target population was fewer and less wealthy than that of Dubai.

A famous international circus show, with a company of 17 people costs a lot – but with a hall of 2000 seats, the return on investment is immediate.

Without revealing the financial secrets, we can say that the seat becomes profitable from 10 euros.

For theatrical performances, even outrageously beautiful and new, the seat is profitable from 5 euros.

The shows for children are also from 5 euros – but they accept a small audience.

The only live shows that are really difficult to make profitable are the operas, because we must take into account both the lyric artists, the orchestra, and the investment in the scenography.

Virtual shows – Virtual seats

The advantages of the virtual theatres are that they are not limited by the number of seats due to physical constraints. Video games have been for a long time used to transfer money within their setups. The game Dofus is an example among many. A lot of gamers have become professionals because of this economic model.

The sale of one virtual seat for 1 dollar, taking into account the potential numbers of worldwide players, puts into action an enormous financial turnover.

Subsequently, these « cheap » virtual seats will draw in, in the real world, a vast number of players, who are not naturally attracted to theatre and the performing arts

Event culture

On-site tickets and animation:

Known as the First real and virtual theatre, the site will automatically attract tourism and the thought-out gardens and the lobby as visiting places will permanently attract visitors.

Festival and Event passes:

By inventing a new type of festival, linked between together, prioritised and above all unique in the world, ALTAIR will draw in a vast national and international audience. This will be known as: The place to be because projects will be thought of as unbelievable and unimaginable events.

Games and derivative products:

Based on existing entertainment company models, derived products associated with Altair will have to be developed. Such products as a real model version spacecraft theatre, small models of the guard regiment spacecraft and recreation areas dedicated to navigation of Altair, etc.

Study by NEWZOO


Investment returns :

Realized with the co-productions of international shows and international video games.
The paragraph is small, the financial rewards are enormous.

It’s through production that Hollywood studios have conquered the world

The future : Digital Currency

Digital currency :

By investing in such projects as Star Citizen in which digital currency plays an important part, it will be possible to profit from a percentage in real currency of the exchanges of digital currencies. In the future, the country will already be positioned in this poorly considered sector guaranteeing its advantages in the future over other nations

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