Real & Virtual Worlds

The combination of the Reality and the Virtuality is the very particular concept developed in this project: this idea has not yet been considered. It was imagined to answer for the needs of these new online games that are currently under development.

On one hand, we have the video game companies: its developers are building virtual worlds which are bigger and bigger. These worlds should be full. However, they are not full at all.

Of course, it is not the heart of the game: it is its atmosphere. But companies are devoting 25 percent of their budget to create theatrical environments.

Star Citizen : one of the best video game under development

From this point of view, it is enough to know that currently, for the so-called atmosphere animations (passers-by, shopkeepers, onlookers …) the game companies devote from 20 to 25% of their budgets, which are pharaonic: Star Citizen costs US$ 194 Million. Destiny costs US$ 500 million – and the average production cost of video games is around US$ 70 million.

If they could buy animations and shows, they would earn time, quality and money.

Beyond Good&Evil 2 – motion capture

On the other hand, we have performing arts companies. Musicians, dancers, actors, circus artists, all of them are at the top. They are building wonderful shows, in order to survive in our contemporary society. But they need to convince young people, their future public.

Then, this is the idea: to digitize the shows seen on the stage of the theatre, and to sell it to video game companies.

Altair will also have rooms ‘Tech’. There will be the staff and technical equipment required to digitize complete shows perfectly.

Thanks to SolidAnim, our staff will be the better one !

The process is simple to conceive : the shows will be digitized before the performance, in one of the rooms ‘Tech’, for all or part.

Using the technique of motion capture, Altair will be able to digitize very complexly performing art shows. As a result, they can quickly integrate into different virtual worlds.

Altair will allow this process to be used on a large scale. So, by only digitizing high-quality shows, the theatre would produce content with a very high added value.

For the greatest names in video games, the appeal is huge.

As you probably know, they are now creating ‘world-games’ with complete universes, in which their gamers evolve in the most realistic atmospheres possible.

Star Citizen manages not to break the immersion of the player in his gigantic and fabulous space universe. Cyberpunk 2077 is announced in the same vein, Sea of ​​Thieves, which is already online, is also part of this new approach to video games…

Nowadays, developers are forced to code, character by character, point of articulation by point of articulation, each of their specific animations. They do it – a little bit.

But on one hand, it takes them a considerable amount of time, and on the other hand, they do not have all the necessary skills. They animate passers-by, cars, traders. They do it better and better. But without professional live performers, they will not go much further.

They can not represent artists. So no musicians, no dancers, circus artists, no actors. All this because each artist has his imagination, his feelings, and therefore necessarily his gestures, different. To realize perfect movements, for them, it is feasible.

Performing shows is no longer their domain.

It is on this point that they need to work with the world of live performance.

That’s where we come in : a theatre has things to digitize.

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