Video Game Business

Profitable or not profitable?

There is a rumor that the video game market is going to be like the others and collapse.

The noises aren’t good advisers.

So we consulted the studies done by the company NewZoo.

If you want fun & information, you can try one of their Quizz. As this one : How well do you know 2018’s Game Global Market.

You will find on this link the countries that are the biggest consumers of games ….

In the UAE, for a connected population of 9M, the total revenues in US Dollars is 342 M for the year 2018.

Here are some of Newzoo’s recent studies on subject :

And finally the esport, which explodes literally and which, too, allows real events in real places to play!
How not to connect this to the choreographic work of Marc Bogaerts is an unanswered question!

M. Bogaerts – Sport Vs Art

” Immersion is a key reason why many consumers love engaging with gaming. And AR and VR alike can make game experiences even more compelling and interactive, in ways that were—until now—impossible. VR in particular brings gamers one step closer to the immersion. However, VR is currently limited by cumbersome setup and expensive hardware requirements. For this reason, VR experiences have more potential on console and PC, rather than on mobile.  AR, on the other hand, has boundless potential on mobile.”

The New Reality for Mobile Gaming: The VR/AR Opportunity
Chain reaction

These studies are not ours.
But it shows that the gaming industry is not in a recession at all.

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