What is : Motion Capture ?

Everyone knows the words.
We understand pretty much what that means.

But to invest in it and work with it, you have to understand very well what that means.

The professionals have made lots of clear examples on video to get things clear.

This one shows the base of the most ‘simple’ motion capture to use, with only one actor ‘captured’.

Full Sail University – 2013

This one shows a newer technology, a little more flexible – and allows to visualize what that means (even if it’s also an advertisement …)

TWiT Netcast Network
22 apr. 2018

We can see that the objects do not appear. … no suit, no decor.
But on the other hand, IT IS AN ACTOR.

This one shows how Ubisoft studios made motion capture in their studio, with actors, for Splinter Cell – in 2012

Financial Post, 13 sept 2012

I never said that the big video game companies did not use actors.

On the contrary, they do it. Since a few years.

But they do it for their major characters.
With actors who follow their screenplay.

They will not doing it for atmospheric characters who must yet populate their open-world. It’s too expensive.

They have to pay these actors to come, to act.

With the Altair concept, actors, performers, will already be there for their shows. And what they have to offer is much more visual, varied and amazing ! Just look at how great circus performers move to be convinced.

That’s why we’re talking about finally connecting these two professional worlds, which waste time and money to collaborate only “very far”.

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