Few… problems

Problems are all we do not want to see – and especially not when summer comes. We dream of beach, of love, of mojitos – and not of: how are you going to do this? And what did you think about that?

I will not talk about money issues here – we all have them.
But problems that will pose the mix between live shows and video games.

The first problem is the contract: how to remunerate artists? Their works will be modified and adapted to different games.
Only a few excerpts will be taken.
But these excerpts, transformed, will have an extraordinary visibility.

A lot of insoluble problems on the horizon !

Another problem is in the unspoken taboos of video games.

1 – A game must not bring reality.
A game doesn’t do direct advertising.
So our artists will not have their faces, their usual com’ and even less the name of their show and their company.

What to do?

Passing through the Easter Eggs : Sea of Thieves is now putting on other titles (Halo).

And so get companies to create Easter Eggs that will be easily identifiable “in the real world”.

Obviously, the name of the show will be seen in the credits. But we must be honest: generics are very little watched.
Except when these credits are interesting: cinematics, confidences of creators, cut scenes etc.

Ok, this one is ‘too much’

2 – A game has borders.
A game is closed. I mean we go in, we play, we come out. But we do not pass from game to another game.
When we want to switch from one game to another, we return to the home page of our console, and we re-start the process.

No, you will not jump from Terraria to Battlefront 2, like that, because of your ” rage quit mode”. I don’t know if I can say that. But I have seen the “rage quit mode”!

What to do?

For the moment, nothing at all.

To switch from one game to the other, it should be possible to leave the game in another way.
In short, there should be one or more doors in the game.
So these doors would lead to other games.

It does not exist.
It may exist between games produced by the same company.

And it will take more charm than Mata Hari to convince all the gaming companies to create this system of doors between them.

Mata Hari… irresistible !
but we do not have anyone like her on our team

Or more money.
Or both.

As long as we do not have that, the players will remain under this law of the video game: remain or leave.

Of course, if we want Altair to walk around the games, we are completely against this rule.

You will tell me: what interest for games?

Video Game Companies should open a door to our “theatre-spaceship” …

No interest.
No more than moving from 2D to 3D.
Than to improve the graphic quality
Than spend millions of dollars to get beautiful moves.

Otherwise, in a perspective: it is not mandatory, but it’s still what we have in the future. It is better to anticipate the future.
This allows you to be ahead of others.
To conquer and re-conquer an audience that makes fun of politics AND business problems between companies.

We are looking for a youth audience? So let’s take it!

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