Matriochka’s game

To grab the stories we love, we all did.

To make stories out of these stories, we almost all did.
George Lucas had not finished his Star Wars already that his whole community had created worlds around a world: and here are games, comics, cartoons, miles of stories created by love and imagination of the fans.

That for Star Wars, the extended universe, with the legend and the official.

I know that for a modern mind, these derived creations are not valid creations.
Forgetting the modernity of the twentieth century, we can remember that derived creation is exactly the definition of the creation.
So obviously, yes, these creations are valuable.

If we’re still talking about the Grail and King Arthur now, it’s probably because the notion of an extended universe is not new. And that it allows all the imaginary to rush around a common heart.

In image, the so tiny matriochka that we discover at the end …

Classical Matriochkas

Who would come to the idea of throwing others? They are all beautiful and valid!

The same phenomenon occurs with novels – and of course with video games.
This is a little too ignored and relegated to the hidden corners of the internet.
Altair wants to highlight it.

Matter exists.
Cl4P-TP is a source of joy and creativity for all those who played at Borderland.

Cl4p TP, iconic character of Borderland

The same for the big Globox of Rayman 2 and even for the very famous Skyrim guards.

These guards have a series of replicas, which we hear necessarily dozens of times while we play.
It did not take more to awaken the creativity of the players, who took these replicas to use it with other characters.

French only – yes. Sorry. This has been found in the 18-25 forum (

With the very famous : Wait. With Nabila :

Attendez, je vous connais

Ouais normal quoi

Evitez les ennuis d’accord ?

Nan mais allo quels ennuis ?

Arrêtez ça.

Allo on a même plus le droit de dire allo

Défense de glandouiller.

Eh j’travaille hein j’ai écris un livre

J’ai entendu parler de vous et de vos belles paroles.

Bah tu vois

Vous prenez des risques !


Je vais vous demander d’arrêter. Vos cris rendent les gens…nerveux.


C’est de la fourrure qui sort de vos oreilles ?


Vous allez pourrir dans les geôles de Fort-Dragon !

How to put that in value?

By proposing it in one block
By preventing it from sinking into forum funds
By giving visibility on the Altair site.

for stories to create bigger and bigger stories!

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