Should we stay or should we go ?

Ok Clash first –

The answer to the question later.

And the answer is: leave.

Leave without regret, without saying that we lose people, money, customers, players who have not seen us.

To leave not to be encrusted in a game like a fossil in its rock.

To stay in the Pop, to be the eternal passengers of an eternal journey from games to games, from worlds to worlds, from imaginary to extravaganzas.

Now that the tone is given – we can say what we are talking about.

Obviously, we are not going to make the theatre leave on its small wheels.

By cons, the Altair’s virtual twin will be the stray cat.

It will have to arrive for a few days, and always leave.
It must remain the incongruous event that illuminates, very shortly, the course of a game.
It should ideally be preceded by an “ad icon”, which would increase the effect of waiting.

And above all, it should never yield to the temptation of “a little bit more”.

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