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Capoiera is a dance and a martial art. A martial dance.

As a dance, as a living memory of a painful past, it is also a splendid support for live shows.
They are as impressive as poignant.

From a performance point of view, these artists are breathtaking.

From the point of view of storytelling, the stories are plunges in the struggle of the small against the powerful, slaves against planters, Caribbean’s stories, love stories, fights, pirates, Brazil, what else ?

From the point of view of music, the instruments of capoeira deserve to be discovered, admired and tried.

We can easily imagine a long focal point on the Capoeria:

Caribbean stories
Performances companies from South America
music workshops
A Ronda to finish the focal

And add all that we find to make known and love this dance / this fight.

Capoeira is as visual as poignant: it’s worth a long detour.

So many ways, so many stories

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