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Tango is not just a dance. It’s like the perfume of Buenos Aeres. The perfume of these Franchuchas described by Albert Londres, coming from Paris, Lyon, Marseille, hidden in the boats that led them to Argentina to become the little virtues of the men without women of Buenos Aeres.

The scent of the young Poles, which cost a little less. The native ones, which were almost given in bars. It is this very strange relationship between men and women that was built there, all steeped in stories so human.

Esmeralda, wonderful character of Corto Maltese (Hugo Pratt)

So yes the Tango is a splendid dance and we see wonderful couples twirling endlessly.

Ruben & Sabrina Veliz

Yes Tango is also musicians and songs that speak of love, violence and death.
These are complicated stories, incredible dance steps.

And the tango, as the spirit of Argentina and South America, will deserve to be admired and brought to the stage for dance performances, theatre performances, musical performances that all give the air and the love of Argentina.

Celeste Rey and Sebastian Nieva , Italy 2017
Mariano Otero y Alejandra Heredia – MuyLindoTango Catania 2012

TANGO SPIRIT 2018 “Relíquias porteñas” Solo Tango Orq. | michelle + joachim

Ready to go ?
After all, a theatre, games, internet, these are new ways to meet us and amaze us with what we have best.

Corto Maltese, the cats, the moon ❤ (Hugo Pratt)

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