Cyberpunk 2077 ~ The legend of the two boxers

Cyberpunk looks like a “huge” game.

Attention, we are not here to criticize!

Watch the demo and ask yourself when you ‘are’ in a game or when you ‘are’ in a movie? Minority Report? Blade Runner? etc.

Cyberpunk 2077

And in addition, it is a Polish studio that works on Cyberpunk (this because there is one in our team who has a name to sleep outside, and can’t stop to say that it is Polish studio yes yes yes) : CD Projekt RED

CYBERPUNK 2077 – Gameplay Demo (KEANU REEVES) PS4 Xbox One PC

Everything has been thought in every detail.
It is a dreadful and beautiful city.
There are extras.

And look, passers-by already have various approaches.

People who smoke.
Buddhist monks…

People waiting.

In short, the atmosphere was very much worked.

So all we are going to say now is not to criticize, but to complete the realistic improvements of this game and all other games.

If we look at the demo for fun, we see all these details, and, by the way, we may notice the two boxers.
I do not know how many times you saw them. They are not at all prominent characters.

You walk on the floors. And all of a sudden, in the set, two boxers: a real and a bot. In game, you can stop and watch the fight.

It’s a beautiful fight, which has surely been realized by two real boxers and set up thanks to the motion capture.

You continue to walk. You start the game. You see all the passers-by, all the extras, all the realism of the game.

You go down the stairs and get into the car of the super-bad boss who will give you work.
And in the car …
Our boxers!
Match relayed on the TV screen.
It’s amazing!
And the match lasts in the background throughout your dialogue with him.

You go out, you need to be on top for the mission.

A little tour in the city, take control of your car.
And hop
Direction the doctor.
And what does the doctor look for while he is alone and waiting for the client?
The boxing match.

it’s too much ? At the cost of the motion capture, it is a minimum.
And we can bet that we will often see our two boxers.

Why stop on this point?
Because that’s exactly where Altair has things to offer.

Altair will feature dozens and dozens of atmospheric animations made from motion capture.
And little jokers can always have fun counting how many times gaming companies will reuse codes …

In addition to that, with all that the live show offers as a show on punk, futuristic themes etc, it’s a shame to deprive yourself.
Imagine two seconds strolling and falling on them:

And they, they agree to play the game!

They too :

No worries on this subject: artists who want the project, we know a lot.
And even artists who are perfect in the themes of different big games.

And even artists who are ready to invent shows for the games.

And later, we’ll be able to talk about the great Legend of the two boxers of Cyberpunk 2077, which made us want to bring our artists in your games.

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  1. Thanks for revealing your ideas. I would also like to mention that video games have been ever evolving. Modern tools and improvements have made it simpler to create practical and interactive games. These entertainment games were not really sensible when the real concept was first of all being attempted. Just like other styles of technology, video games too have had to progress as a result of many many years. This is testimony towards fast development of video games.

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    1. Hello
      Your comments are in the spam… so I just looked at them all – thank you I see you really read them and despite my fancy English, you felt the humour I try to put in them! Thank you very much for this comment


  2. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you really know what you’re talking about!

    Bookmarked. Please also consult with my site =). We could have
    a hyperlink alternate agreement between us


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