Lovers, we need you

Lovers, enthusiasts, extravagants, creators, musicians, visual artists, who else?

Some of you may know now that we are working for a future theatre.
We are veterans of the business – it’s okay.
We have a lot of friends in the performing arts, that’s right.

BUT: we are already working all the time with the same European and North American performing art companies. There are many and they are great.
BUT we have seen here, and there, on your blogs, many artists we don’t know.
From so many countries.
And it’s a dream for us!

This is the reason for this post: please, when you have seen an incredible show, tell us.
Please, when you are stunned by a painter, a poet, a musician,
tell us.

We want a new kind of theatre, with doors open for all creators.

We can not promise anything yet – the theatre is on the way – but not done yet.
BUT when it will be done
All the artists with whom you spoke to us, because you loved them, because they are extraordinary, will be considered as coming to Altair.

For shows. For workshops with the public. For events. For the life and the joy of life for which we fight.

You can contact us easily.
In your comments
Or directly via the contact page.
Barbara will answer – sometimes she is charming .

❤ ❤ ❤ THANK YOU !!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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