Run & Roll

Jump, Run & Roll: the fundamental law for all fast FPS players.

A wonderful one, in Battlefront.

Of course, in order not to throw the joystick on the floor,
to have the heroes, to be in the top 10, or to be number 1 with a number of “kills” that make others cry with rage, it was necessary to develop effective techniques.
Jumping, running, rolling are so many ways to avoid shots coming from everywhere, in your back, under your feet or traitorously from behind high.
I do not learn anything here to the players.
And their parents are often dismayed to see their children bothering to jump/ roll / run, as if it was So important.

Ok, it’s not So important.


Yes, there is a but. We love video games at Altair.

And we have lunch every day with people who spend their lives jumping, running and rolling.
They are artists in our case.

25 ans de Hip Hop – Théâtre de Suresnes

And what was funny is to imagine our artists in the fast FPS.
What would they do, the little ones, in front of big pros like our artists? Who roll like nobody?
Who jump without being “cheated”?
Who have gone beyond the idea of running, we do not even see them any more.

Mr Saratosa – Royal Ballet (UK) – no jetpak …
A Ô Lang Phô – Circus

Well… they will play…. !

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