Technology : what for ?

Technology for technology, it’s boring – unless you’re an engineer, or a damn’ geek.
Technology to create a new way of life, ok, let’s go & see what will happen.

Altair is based on these so amazing new technologies.

Artificial Intelligence: what a brilliant name.

What could this mean?
Think about your breakfast in the morning?
Think about your keys?
Your usual routes?

Well, let’s see.
For a theatre, this could be of great help when there are too many people in one place.
It could be a smart program to help us pick an unusual show
It could be a very smart app to drive Altair’s Virtual Twin.
It could be a rabid bot lost in a rabid game
It could be the divine intelligence of our private Cl4p-Tp.
It could be a great way to optimize the experience of our customers on board. Please, the right wing of the eagle is free for you, take your ticket and go, we need a good fighter to defend the twin and our incredible artists ... and so on

5 G: the new beautiful geek toy

5G terrifies many people
It’s supposed to be bad and kill the bees

I hope not.

But what I do know is that 5G is the way, the technology being developed for us.
Because of its power, its fluidity will immediately mean: digitized shows presented in real time.
Interactions with the real public
Interactions with players
Interactions with Internet users

And our dream of the Impossible Festival will easily become reality.

And that will be good news
And a great way to use technology to develop the arts
Instead of watching them being eaten by science

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  1. To علي الجازع : Hi ! I do not know you, I do not understand what you write because I do not understand the Arabic language – BUT I really really like your your drawings and illustrations. Thank you 🙂


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