Damned Dreamers of Altair

A little post to tell you who we are and what we do here.
We are French.
We are 10 people since last Tuesday
We are living performance professionals

And yes, we are damned dreamers!

Because we love playing games as much as playing on stages
Because we love art for everyone and not art for ‘intellectuals’ (we are French, and on this subject it is important) In France, Art has a capital A and it is very boring)

So we wanted to invent a theatre like no other.
A theatre with a real scene – and a virtual scene: that of Altair Twin
A theatre that puts great artists in great video games.
Not a little bit. Not once. That it becomes normal.

One Punch Man

And if you want, we’ll chat in the Altair Twin lobby and never again will your life be in 2D

I could talk to Outosego and in front of me there will be a gentleman in 3 D with a cane and hat, who will not stop dancing.
I could annoy the Mysterious Blogger and try to unravel the mystery.
And with those from here who will be throwing a head in Altair Twin, we will go see a show – AND IN ADDITION, we will still be at home, or on our tablet, our laptop …

And when I finally won Count Doku’s pyjamas, I’ll go to Altair Twin with my pyjamas, my nickname, and the sling, the name of the game I got it in, this skin.
And I could even convince people I don’t know to go play with me in a multiplayer game,
and we’ll go behind the scenes of Altair,

and even
No – these are ideas for our festivals.
And it will be … abnormal.

A geek life

It’s been a year since we are working on the project.

More and more people are joining us
Very large companies
Very large schools

So we set up this site. It was a pro site for the pros. To show them everything we can do when we have an idea like ours.

And then we went for a walk here.
We saw your work.
We loved.
We chatted with you.
We wondered if we had to stay outside, very pros, very “we do not talk to you”.

And we decided that no.
We want a new theatre.
With real human relationships.
So when Outosego first surprised us with the Liebster Award … we accepted.

And we were very very proud.

And we do not regret anything. On the contrary.

We hope you will be our audience.
We hope that you will not be only our audience – and that when you have wonders to show, you will think of showing them at home too.

Featured Image : Globe Theatre – London


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