Ugly Video Games

This is an argument we hear all the time: the video game makes us asocial
We become at best a half-life
In general a no-life
We become violent by killing monsters
We lose contact with reality

The video game is: stupid, bad. Ugly. A new plague for youth.

Poor Ugly… We’ll have to hang him.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – Sergio Leone

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Remember ?

But if we like books, we can not think that.

For violence, for example …
Just read the Iliad. Hector’s death is a perfect monument of violence. Dragged by the hair all around the walls of Troy …

And the description, bone by bone, piece of flesh by piece of flesh, of what comes out of the body of an enemy when pierced with a spear.
And The Song of Roland, where one gays the enemies and their horses cheerfully.

People say that God of War is an atrocious game.
So I played it.
It is true.
It dies in every way.
But I also loved the stories of mythology.
And I remember very well what happened to the genital tract of Uranus .. and what is the origin of the foam of the sea …. This is read in Hesiod. And no one has ever said that Hesiod was too violent.

God Of War – SCE – Santa Monica Studio / David Jaffe

It seems that games are vulgar.
So let’s read Aristophanes, when we see a man “shitting” on stage, with all the comments that come with it.This is the beginning of the Women’s Assembly.
But, it’s true, ancient literature is very chic.
And nobody talk about dildos in Lysistrata.

So this is it. Literature, the beautiful, the great, bleached by the centuries …. is violent. Cruel. Sexual. Terrible.
Literature speaks of humanity. And we have never seen humanity be gentle, loving, asexual and empathic.

You will tell me that children and adolescents do not read literature.
It’s almost true.
There are always some who study literature.
There are even some who become young teachers.

And there are even video game writers who have read this old literature.
And they make games with these stories.

And that’s why I like games.

They are like literature.

And I’m sure that Hesiod & Homer would have loved God of War .

God Of War

Hésiod / Ulysses and the Cyclops … A very sweet scene of the Odyssey

…For the love of great movies ….

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  1. Oh, thank you for this one 🙂 I don’t play videogames, but my kids have and still do, I think it’s just fine. And we all watch series and films and read such things in the books, whether it be classics or contemporary. And Bugs Bunny and Duffy Duck —being shot and having his beak nailed on the back of his head—, and Tom and Jerry, and Coyote and Roadrunner harrassing each other and being under the thread of TNT, (you forgot about those, eh?), and the Romantics and their liking for Opium, etc.,… So good. I totally agree with you. Thank you for sharing this blunt reality and irony of society. It is “Education” and instilling “Empathy”, both in capital letters that count; giving people the opportunity to discern between what’s okay or it’s not okay. Otherwise it would be impossible to create and it would have been impossible to inherit this amount of good literature. Thank you. I enjoyed it:)

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    1. Thank you! Yes I forgot Coyote! And Tex Avery’s wolf! I love literature. And therefore, I love all the stories, as soon as they are really human. I fell in the games by my sons, I found it interesting. It was a ‘revelation’. And for a part the origin of the Altair project .

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