Return of the Obra Dinn

Creativity and excellence! A game to salute – which we salute

What can we do with it in a real theatre?

Nothing ?
On the contrary.

This game is an independent game, created by Lucas Pope – noticed last year by Nintendo and promised a bright future.

Lucas PopeFrom Uncharted to Obra Dinn

From a graphic point of view, this game is a monster.

from the Game… Return of the Obra Dinn – Lucas Pope

From an audio point of view, this game is splendid and Lucas Pope remarkable. He takes the musical themes related to the navy, and those related to the noir novel to create an original music that sticks to his story.

From a literary point of view, it’s a declaration of love to Conan Doyle … and it feels so good to be a little Sherlock Holmes !

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

From a player point of view, the strange watch that makes it possible to glaze an image and leads us to visit this 3 D image is a real pleasure …

Return of the Obra Dinn

And from Altair’s point of view, yes, we know artists who play with books, digital and 3D – on stage.

So the day they go to Altair, we will be happy – an honor to highlight Return of the Obra Dinn.

And while we are there, we will also invite the gentleman who draws the sea so well: Mister Riff Reb’s

Riff Reb’s

Look at this, it’s not beautiful? :

by : Riff Reb’s
The Sea Wolf – Jack London – adapted by Riff Reb’s

So, let’s repeat: we love live shows.
We love video games
We love creators

And we will exhaust ourselves putting them together for a show, by theme, by affinity, by genre – so that they meet.
And for the pleasure of spectators and players who will be invited too!

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