Open Rehearsals

I can say what I want about a live show. I can say that the subject is ‘enormous’. The artists incredible. The lights unbelievable. The use of video, 3D, etc is so new & amazing.
As everybody say that, it doesn’t work.


When I ask my audience to come & see the rehearsals
When I say that’s it’s free. Of course, it’s free
A part of the audience will come

Meeting with the artists of the Opera 2001 Company

Then my audience will say that the show will be amazing
That artists are so human, so kind
That the talks with them were so intense
How moving it is to hear that they will play especially for them

And when it’s the audience that says the show is going to be great

Then the public comes and fills the theatre.

Okay, I lost money: rehearsals are free.

I lose more in posters

And especially.
When we saw the rehearsals … we will see the representation
To see what has changed
To see this artist who impressed us…

Comédie Française – Salle Richelieu : open the rehearsal also to children

In the end: I make money by creating a stronger link between artists and the public.
And I bet my cat that for the next passage of these artists, the public will come & buy the seats.

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7 thoughts on “Open Rehearsals

  1. That’s so cool, I’d love to see an open rehearsal! I imagine it helps the performers too, to have a crowd at the rehearsals? 😄

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  2. 🙂 Well…I hope ! To tell the truth, I’m not so sure. But, after this kind of rehearsal, the artists are happy: they have, for once, a “real” return of the public.
    And .. about you
    You see…
    If we succeed and build Altair, I will ask you to come work with us: I want (yes I do !) to see your pictures taken in a theatre! It will be … a complete dream, an absolute amazement, an incredible look on this universe – your incredible eye on my incredible artists !

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  3. Oh yes, that would be amazing!! To capture the drama light by stage lightning would be incredible! If you should want me to get involved, I would gladly! 🤗

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  4. Pictures taken by you in a theatre, it will be monumental! A man who manages to make the scenery and atmosphere of Fallout! It will be a pleasure to welcome you and leave you free to take what you want

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  5. Awesome, I love Fallout! Exiting times!! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Maybe a dash of BioShock, and a drop of The Darkness too……. 😄🙌🏻📸

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