The inside of a theatre is always a dream.
Enter inside…
Visit what is “below” the stage
What is above
Know that beyond the stage, these are grids
That sometimes we see a technician on these grids
That they must have the license to work at height

Enter the artists’ pavilions
See the decor
Behind the scenes
The makeup artist in action
The piles of costumes

It has been said that there was a ghost at the Opera Garnier, living in the lower floors, far below the surface …

And the truth is that everyone wants to go, at least once, “behind”.
But not behind when there is no one – only tourists.

Behind when technicians put on a show
When artists repeat
When it feels like cooking at catering
When it’s agitated before the performance
When we see people running, because that’s it, we’re late

At home, ? , we allow – to very, very few people, that’s true.
To children often –
We allow them to come and live the theatre ‘in real life’ from behind the scenes
Just before…
When everything is moving

Some come to see the technical montage
Some become extras for an evening or two
Some are in charge of communication
Some watch for a party that no one is filming in the room
Some have the right to do a ‘private’ report

And here we are sure that these people are delighted.

Soon, we will go in search of our ghost
All rooms have a ghost
And I’m sure kids will love looking for it.

Fantom of the Opera (movie)

And besides … they will also love to play with the model of the theatre.

Opera Garnier – Model

It’s weird, a theatre.

Opera Garnier – Paris

So, it’s interesting.

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