THE AI – VR meeting

Coming soon: THE Meeting about Artificial Intelligence

This is a very serious subject, we do not have the right to sneer!
It is especially a subject that interests us, since we absolutely want to invent a new kind of show.

VR for the moment, it’s bad. It’s totally pitiful.
All because no one knows what to do with it. Thus… that :

It is usually a video game loosely improved and we look like a fool in his living room …

And for the show, another problem : what to do with your spectator ? He isn’t a dancer, an actor, a juggler – he is : a witness

So we jump on every opportunity to interview the AI and VR pros and “cook them”, and above all tell them everything we need:
a spectator who gets in between our artists – but where does he go? And what can he do?
Should he look?
If he intervenes, is he not in a game?
If he stays in his place, would not it be better to subscribe to Netflix?
And we, can we have funny robots in our theatre?

Given the quality of the speakers .. this time we will all know everything about AI and its applications. They are two teachers of the most successful French school in Applied Mathematics (yes we in France, we are excellent in stuff that does not interest others)

Chatbot ….

Conversational Robots – Chatbots : yes I’m going to chat to my robot –

Well, I often talk to my objects! : to my car to tell it to start; to my shoes to reappear in the morning, to my computer not to go out stupidly or to allow me to properly load the site of Outosegothere I think I’m ahead of the technology!

Connected objects, personal assistants, autonomous cars, applications in shows, how can we evolve the RV

There will also be workshops: the whole team will end up playing with machines that beep …
Since R2D2, we all dream of it!

In short, we play with R2 new gen, and we will come back to tell you how we can still play better with our shows, digital, robots that chat and everything! .

And we have already programmed shows for children on the subject, with a real / fake connected computer that came to replace the parents when they had gone to work.
All our young spectators loved the show and discuss it after !

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