9 days of Programming

Concretely, an attractive & rythmic programming, it would give this:
a theatre with at least one show per day.

So a theatre with several rooms, because it takes several days of technical installation (3 days often, 5 days sometimes, 2 rarely), and therefore the rooms are immobilized.

Gray : activities & meetings hall

Yellow : the great hall

Blue : the creative hall

Red : music

Purple : the Cocoon – for babies & youth (0 to 10 years)

‘Dark’ gray: virtual room

Green : the amphitheatre

Okay ? Let’s see :

With the colours, I indicate the rooms where it plays, and the names of the shows …
You will see, impossible to have long the same room ….

First Day : blue & green : Love for Moon (poetry&theatre) – Russian Circus

day 2: blue & red : Love for Moon – Eva L. ( Flamenco – lyrics)

day 3 : red : Eva L (Flamenco)

day 4 : red & purple : Eva L – Le Nid (for 0 to 6 months)

day 5 : yellow & purple : El Amor Brujo (dance) – Le Nid

day 6 : yellow & purple : El Amor Brujo (dance) – Le Nid

day 7: red : …….

day 8 : red & green : ….. – Rammstein

day 9 : blue & purple & green : LaBô des fées – Peter and the wolf – Rammstein

Here is an excerpt from Altair’s schedule, multi-room theatre

In the color of the room, all the technical installation times were highlighted.

The shows seen by the spectators are highlighted in blue-gray.
We see pretty quickly why a theatre that has only one room does not work much ….

In 9 days, only the music has more days of representation, because the technical times are shorter …

I will translate this, but even in French, it’s easy to see & have a good idea of what it means : “the life of of theatre”

The “Gray” Workshop Room keeps our audience on the alert and makes them interested in the theatre differently.
At each show, one or more activities are scheduled, for different audiences: children, a child + a parent, adults, school children etc.

The “Dark Gray” Virtual Room – the one of motion capture – is used full, thanks to the passage of the various troops.

It can not work with fewer rooms …
Altair must be “big”.

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