The Saloons of ‘Red Dead Redemption’

The great American westerns rocked us all with the Saloon – this place of perdition, where we found adulterated alcohol, dancers and mechanical pianos.

And of course, we all saw the fights, the gun shots, the cowboys blowing out the windows as they passed through, the duels.

The Red Dead Redemption games are based on this imagination of the American West, the famous Far West that we know from one end of the planet to the other.

And since they are realistic games, they have obviously placed saloons.

We can go in – we can drink.
We meet drunk and dead.

In the II, there is a mission to find Lenny. At first everything is fine.
And then… everything gets worse, slowly, but surely, and the directors make us live all the details of the drunkard’s life. Our vision deteriorates as the character gets drunk. We have to identify our classmate – unfortunately, as the alcohol is of poor quality – and we have drunk too much of it – all the characters in the saloon look like your friend…

Red Dead REdemption 2 – Rockstar Studios – 10. 2018

It’s a very fun mission.

In the city of Strawberry, there will be an eccentric mayor who absolutely wants to make this place a great cultural place…

Red Dead Redemption II – Strawberry – Rockstar North Sudios 2018

And finally, in all cities, there are these nasty places called saloons.
That’s right, they’re not theatres.

It’s true, it’s not real artists who perform there… well, in any case, they’re not “class” artists.

They would rather be cabaret artists.
We even saw Marlene Dietrich play the saloon coach…..

Marlène Dietrich – Rancho Notorious – 1952 (F Lang)

Street artists.
Artists anyway.

And we say, again, always: put our artists in your saloons.
Our acrobats.
Our jugglers
Our dancers
Our musicians
All these people who set you on fire.

There is plenty of room for them in the games.
And it would really improve the atmosphere.
It could even change the missions – it’s true, in…II, there is a mission that lingers on finding the traces of missing artists. So we can go much further than that.

This is a real mechanical piano – it does not cost so much and it would be a dream to have in a theatre … No ?

Mechanical coin-operated baby piano (10 cent Napoleon III coins), Circa 1910, Ancestor of the juke box, 10 different pieces.

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Featured Image : Marylin Monroe – River no Return – 1954

Red Dead Redemption II : Rockstar StudiosProducer Rob Nelson – Designer : Imran Sarwar – Programmer : Phil Hooker- Artist : Aaron Garbut – Writers : Dan Houser, Michael Unsworth Rupert Humphries – Composer : Woody Jackson

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