This post is about communication and audience.
How do we want to get young people into a theatre if we communicate with them without going through their channels?

I know that YouTubers are frowned upon – they’re not that funny, they say dirty words, and most importantly, they say what they think.

And we say: if you want to be in on it now, encourage people to say what they think.
Advertising that only says :” It’s great, incredible, amazing, never seen before” – we’re all tired of it.

And besides all those who on YouTube get caught up in the classic advertising rules lose subscribers….

So we have to let their voices be heard.
It means they’ll have the right to hate a show and Altair won’t say anything.
They will have the right to find a completely rotten adaptation (or brilliant idea).

And Altair won’t say anything.
Or say: I liked it. And that’s all.

It is by accepting criticism that we can bring youth back to live performances.

And the worst part of it all is that as soon as YouTube is dead – we’ll have to leave YouTube and take another channel….

When I say dead, it’s a bit like Facebook: it’s become “old school”, the digital world goes fast, it requires a lot of reactivity.

This means that we will have to be constantly attentive to the needs of young people. Funny, no ?

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    1. 😀 It’s the terrible & terrific French Experience, you see. We are SMART. We are intelligent. Refined. Grown. We always stay well – especially in the art world. So we never have the right to say when something is bad to make all goats in the world cry with boredom 🙂

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