Percussions De Strasbourg

Strasbourg – Image by Philippe Sautier

Percussions de Strasbourg is a company.
A company composed of 6 to 8 percussionists whose particularity is to be completely free!

For their last show, TIMELESSNESS, it is a question of creating the correspondence between bodies and music.
It’s called choreography!

Usually, it is the dancers who put the choreography into action.

For this show, it will be the percussionists who will have the role of dancers.

Dancers and musicians, creators of two arts.

Rehearsals of their new show: Timelessness

It could be terribly boring.
This kind of innovation, when not supported by real artists, is often a complete failure.
But when it is carried out with the heart, with an incredible technical mastery, then it gives a jewel as precious as it is rare.

And here is the lesson of Percussions de Strasbourg: art that is limited to the concept is not art.

Art takes our heart.
You need the love of your instrument, whether it is your body, your writing, your violin, your brush !

INSTRUMENTARIUMPercussions de Strasbourg Cie

And an absolute respect, a complete love, from your audience. Under these three conditions… Masterpieces are created.

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