Super…. Hot

THE game.

Video Game Links.

It’s a game you don’t forget.
At first glance, it’s ugly.


Finally, refined.
White and red are the main colours.
Black and yellow to brighten up.

SuperHot – screenshot by

White solid volumes – which we can recognize with pleasure: here a car, there a fake bar, like a cardboard decor.

SuperHot : a street

The set is set according to the rule, it seems basic, the enemies are red puppets, and we sail in a universe that is not at all, for the moment, in the realistic – immersive register.

If you take a closer look, you will notice that this FPS has one particularity: you freeze time – and you aim.
So… so it makes it possible to anticipate the blows and get away with it.

As a result, we better understand the interest: it’s like a strange puzzle.
Or more exactly like a 3-band pool table, where it is a question of calculating movements, shocks, bounces

But that’s not what makes this game interesting to Altair.

It’s its gameplay.
The idea of the game.
We finally understand that the game speaks to us, the player.

SuperHot – screenshot

And he tells us we’re screwed.
And he shows it to us, mission after mission.
It takes the graphic codes from the first personal computers – it’s so ugly that you almost think it’s true, the machine has control.

There’s a mission where we contemplate ourselves playing. What we do there? Well, we’re screwed, we know that!

But this game shows (it is not the only one) that the video game is far from being the stupidity that is depicted.

Okay, SuperHot is ultra-violent.
And its violence also lies in what the game tells you about yourself: you are addicted to the game? Oh, yeah? If I tell you it’s a pirated version, will you launch it? Oh, yeah?
In literature it’s called a mise en abyme.

And above all, it showed us the way.
We can say that SuperHot is the origin of Altair Twin’s idea.

Because SuperHot literally explodes the 4th wall.
It breaks the agreed rules.
It’s laughing at us, the player behind his computer.
It comes to pick us up from where we are.

And that’s what seemed great to us: to pick you up where you are.

And bring you:
In a game.
In a show.
In an epic adventure
In a festival
In a theme
….. all this for your greatest pleasure, in addition.

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