Madama Butterfly

One of the most famous Opera in the world: Madama Butterfly, by Puccini.

Madama Butterfly tells a tragedy, a terrible story, that of a broken love, of waiting and of abandonment.

Alas the beautiful one was a geisha – and for foreigners it meant: prostitute – luxury, but still. You marry a geisha for 999 years, as you rent for 999 years – and you give up geisha as a rental after a month – that’s the supposed Japanese’ rule.

But geisha means: artist. A person who practices the arts.

The ugly misunderstanding that abandons the beautiful Japanese geisha.

By Leopoldo Metlicovitz 1904

She was 15 years old.
She had been raised with respect for the arts, honour and love.
She had a son from her union.

And when she was 18, she realized that she had lost her husband and her honour.
Since she didn’t know how to live with honor, then she will die in honor.

Suzuki Harunobu painted this young lady, who goes in the rain and wind, praying for her love.

Honour to Italy, its creator and its mythical venues: take a look at Scala with the video below… it’s better to be there in person.
But my God, it’s a way to be there a little bit.

It is currently being given at the MET – and why can’t I go to New York?
Take a look at this presentation :

Metropolitan Opera – Madama Butterfly

Everything is a hundred thousand times more powerful at the Opera House.

Hearing the so powerful voices of the artists a few centimetres away gives you goose bumps
Admire the orchestra and the perfect balance between musicians and singers
Remain stunned by the scenography
The sets
The costumes
The wigs
The play of artists, who play their characters like theatre actors

Feel the energy of the music and a whole room that quivers, yes it’s beautiful.

It would be a pity not to listen to Callas’ sublime voice when we talk about Madama Butterfly, isn’t it?

So if one day we introduce Madame Butterfly, we will not forget to tell you about Japan, its artists, its history, its painters and poets, as well as its contemporary artists – who make the French dream, the mangaka.

And we will certainly not forget Italy, Scala, the Opera and the Italian Theatre, which make the whole world dream.

As we will be in love and refinement, we will not be able to forget to invite the Wang Ramirez Dance Company

Monchichi – Cie Wang Ramirez
Harunobu Suzuki – Flowers of beauty in the Floating World – 1769

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Featured Image : Russian State Opera – Madama Butterfly by Puccini

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  1. Wonderful post, dear. I love Madama Butterfly. Last time i watched the play was a wonderful summer night at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens. The theatre was full of people -as usual- but this time a bit more than usual… lol… With lots of tourists who they were informed for the performance the last minute -let’s say.

    We were crying all together sitting on a few rocks on the top of the theatre …haha

    Liked by 1 person

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