The Bells of Freedom

It is a simple verse, but one that connects us – or opposes us – in a definitive way.

In the United States, it is a simple, cracked bell that has become the sole symbol of Liberty: it was the one that announced to the inhabitants of Philadelphia; it rang the declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

Obviously, I’m not insulting anyone by not talking about the very French Statue of Liberty, which can be seen in Paris, on the Seine….

Nevertheless, it arrives in second place from a chronological point of view, a good hundred years after the bell.

This is the very famous one: Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell – Philadelphia.

The bells of freedom are the ones that put us on the roads, one or the other.

Some really take to the road and drag their spats from place to place, taking the time to meet.
Others drag from music to music, from book to book, from work to art
Others still share their loves, their passions, their enthusiasm
these are the ones who are bewitched by the freedom bells

Frank Grace – Picture of bell

Well, there are those who don’t like them. Too bad; it doesn’t matter.

But – seriously – can a theatre miss all the artists who have heard the bells of Freedom ring?

Especially a theatre that is dreaming of Dubai?
Go there and drag your steps, you will see all these people from all the countries of the world, who came there to dream – of money, glory, modernity, for that matter.
If there is one city in the world today that rings the bells, it is this one.

I didn’t invent this verse.

But I dream of being able to ring these bells, and invite all those who want to dream of freedom, art, humanity, youth, anything as long as it is not serious, boring to die, already dead but not knowing it.

And – in France we say: To all lords, all honour: this verse is in the song Immigraniada of Gogol Bordello

Seeking freedom does not promise security or abundance.
And many works testify to this magnificently :

“You forget I’m in America”

But, in any case, Freedom is a horizon that can only inspire us!

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Featured Image : Marc Chagall – Le Rêve – 192 7 – Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris

10 Thoughts

  1. So, how does it coming along with the theater project in Dubai? It is a really interesting approach and I think it is a great one!

    While I was in Canada we had a class assignment. We needed to work on a project building a different type of hotel/accommodation/tourist attraction. Well, my classmates were fairly uninterested, so I came up with the idea to build a little world with luxury suits on each “country” somewhere in the ocean. Everybody in the group thought I had crazy ideas, well, … years later “The World Islands” Dubai started. I guess it wasn’t such a crazy idea at all.

    It is always good to chaise a dream project. You never can go wrong.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Serap! 🙂

      The project is progressing quite well – probably because we are no longer students, so we no longer have an audience.
      At the moment, we are working on its “technical” editing from the company’s point of view – and this is a very, very complex part; and on the creation of teasers to show what Altair Twin can be, i. e. to show what we think about when we talk about broadcasting live shows and motion captures

      Thank you so much for your support

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Sounds like great progress to me. Amazing!
        I really think that you guys are on a special something. 🙂 So, I’m very curious to see, how everything will turn out and am eager to learn more about it along the way.
        I appreciate that you create something so valuable for this world. We need this to make a world a more enjoyable place.

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  2. Freedom & Révolution. Right, but is Dubai the right place for that ? For instance, in the early 2000, the “Vagina Monologues” were put on a play in Turkey. But that was in Turkey. Unfortunetly and nowadays this seems to be impossible again. So, why not Paris, London, Barcelona…? is your project so expensive ? 🙂

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    1. It’s not about money. Dubai is a city I love. And it is a young city, which has to live, when others are still suffering from rheumatism – joke aside, these cities do not need theatre, and not too much novelty.
      Add to that the fact that I really like Arabic culture… and you have Dubai

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