The Nutcracker

Christmas is coming up

And even if the adult world constantly forgets peace, joy and sharing to sink into greed, envy and jealousy
We don’t care – because Christmas, whether we are religious or not, has become a time when we say love for our children.

In a theatre, it is therefore important to make the eyes of children shine at this time of year.
So here are, for December, the shows that amaze them.
today: The Nutcracker

it is one of Tchaikovsky’s great ballets, adapted from a fantastic short story by Hoffmann.

Performed by the luminous Boshoi troupe (2016)

This is the (terrifying) story of a little girl who receives a very pretty nutcracker for Christmas, in the shape of a soldier. Jealous, his brother breaks it, but Clara fixes it.

Alas in the night, as she gets up, everything has changed: the mice lead the dance, shrink it and…
Fortunately, his Christmas soldier came alive, and he became a prince who defends his princess.
An epic battle against the mice and their king, an enchanted world full of delights, giving the opportunity for dances of extraordinary characters: tea dance, chocolate dance, coffee dance… and as it is Christmas, it ends with a pretty ending, the king of mice, this villain is eliminated and everything goes back to normal.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – Nina Kaptsova – 2010 (Bolshoï Ballet)

You have to see him dance, it’s amazing!

Semperoper Ballett – Dancers Soloist: Jenni Schäferhoff Emanuele Corsini, Boris Richir – 2013

The Grand Ballet de Genève gave a magical interpretation, with an extraordinary work (in addition to the choreography…) on the costumes of the characters
And even I, who have long since passed the age of childish terror, have been frightened by the Mouse King!

Even an “ultra-modern and connected” child yes, will be thrilled by this universe of dance, magic & beauty.

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Featured Image : The Nutcracker , by the Moscow Ballet – 2019

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