The fools from the Cold

The Slava’s Snowshow

It’s an incredible circus that can only delight children.
No animals, no acrobats, no classic circus effects here.

No, no, no, no. The Slava will tell you the very poetic story of a man lost in the middle of the snow, going on a trip and trying to face all the little comic absurdities of everyday life.

Slava’s Snow Show

The Slava plays on magic – and it feels good for us

The Slava plays with the spectators, and that’s incredible.
It starts with the water….. in the first row, take your umbrellas

It’s getting crazier and crazier and more eccentric.
A huge spider web will cover you, that’s the whole room.
Gigantic balloons will be projected, and there everyone plays, because finally, playing is a basis for pleasure.

And the snow that falls on you like a shower of tissue paper – it’s the hell for cleaning the rooms after the Slava!

All this comes largely from the joy of a man, Slava Polonium, whose interview I can only advise you to watch: everything is said and everything is beautiful !

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