Coppélia is a doll.

But not just any doll: it’s a life-size automaton.

In the 21st century, she’d be an evil cyborg…

At 19°, she is the imaginary daughter of the imaginary old Coppélius, “Man with sand” from The Tales of Hoffmann.

Above all, it allows an impressive ballet creation.
If we have greatly admired the lyrical singers who give heart and body to Olympia
The stars of the dance that give flesh and soul to Coppélia can be admired as well.
The performance is a remarkable feat – one you have to have seen once in your life.

One of the enormous advantages of this ballet is that it is extremely narrative, based on character dances and can be understood without the support of the text.

Here are the open rehearsals of Coppélia by the Royal Ballet.

Yes, I also like to show rehearsal and working times, because a show is first of all a monstrous work before being on the stage.

No, I won’t comment on the age of the audience.
Yes, I love the Royal Ballet

Royal Ballet – Coppélia Public Rehearsal – 2019
Coppélia Act III pas de deux – Royal Ballet – 2019

Yes, I’m telling you that you must bring in young people.

Coppélia Act II – Swanilda pretends to be Coppélia (Marianela Nuñez, Gary Avis; The Royal Ballet)

So: who’s volunteering for a place in a Ballet Shoe ?

Front row seats for dancing… in a new way!

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Featured Image from : Hadaly & Sowana, cyborgs & witches

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