Management – RECRUITMENT

The traitor
The jealous one
The murdering counsellor
Othello’s damned soul
Snake that whispers in the ear all that can lose a soul
The metaphor for all the evil in us.

Iago – by Ewan Mac Gregor

But what was he doing, lago, in this galley?

Well, probably because love is beautiful, but that’s not all.
A happy love doesn’t make a beautiful story.
Nothing to do, at the fourth apple cake made with love, everyone sleeps.

Iago is one of those demon figures who illuminate literature, theatre and our souls with terror.
Iago is the great-grandfather of the Listener of Skyrim – Listener called ‘Black Ear’ in the French Translation. ( I do love the “Black Ear” mention, especially when the character is a Khadjit )
Anakin’s ancestor.
Kira’s distant cousin.
Debris straight from an obscure tale of paradise, apples, snakes and lost innocence.

Othello – directed by Oliver Parker – 1995

Do we need lago in Altair?
But of course!

His place is on stage.
That goes without saying.
No great hero without a great villain.

No human drama if you don’t split the madness that moves you into two characters.

But I say it, lago hangs around in all our undertakings, in our real life.
There will be lago in Altair.
He who listens to gossip and gossip…
The one who will blow on the embers…
The one who will give the worst ideas.


Put three people working together and lago appears…

Can we stop him from coming? It is difficult.
Against lago, we must play with his own weapons.
Against lago, you need the Black Ear – who listens, who makes himself forgotten, who sees all and hears all.
You need the one who considers that being a human resources manager doesn’t mean hiding behind a computer with the door closed…
but being the one who will listen to people. Hear their complaints. Their troubles. Their worries.

It’s true that listening to employees is boring, and it’s not “too fancy”. But, contrary to what is said in the offices of those who don’t know the workers, people like their job in general and all the mutinies come from that first.

So there will be no human resources director in Altair.
But there will be a Black Ear position.

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Featured Image : by Cyd Jupe – Ceramic Sculptor – more on Face the Wall – 2014

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