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Impossible-Mission. Festival / Screenplay – 1

Hi there – this is Barbara speaking.

Today, I’ll use my favourite job : screenwriter.

As I’m truly unable to write a screenplay in English – you won’t read it.
I’ll share with you the pitch, and all the preliminary thinking that’s gonna lead me to this pitch.

So today: the general idea, the nerve of the script

There are already Impossible Festivals in real life.
But they’re… too normal.
I want a Festival that is heroic – for everyone.
A Festival where spectators are truly embarked on an adventure, and where they wonder until the end what the end will be.

In short, it means completely rethinking the notion of the Festival, to make it a huge role-playing game – with artists and games.

In a classical theatre configuration, this isn’t possible.

But we have two faces.
Altair, almost normal theatre, with its real scenes.
Altair Twin, totally abnormal theatre, with its false scenes.
And its loves and links with video games and the internet world.

There, everything becomes much funnier, because the setting we will propose will not be limited to the real scene.

Internet for most people it means social networks, information, apps, games, videos.
This is the surface of the web.

As a screenwriter, I’m not interested in that at all.

On the other hand, under the surface, it becomes much more epic – dangerous – heroic.
Below the surface, you’ll find the Dark Web.

Have you heard about The Onion? About Tor?

Tor protects your anonymity on the Internet by hiding your I.P. address with what these young people call “onion routing”, with 3 random connection nodes. T. O. R: The Onion Router.
And from there, you can start exploring other levels of the internet, less soft and pretty than what you find above.
It’s quite handy when you’re gambling illegally.

But there is no good story, no great heroes if there are no great villains.

Isn’t it ?

…okay I’m fan of all the Impossible Mission movies– especially the second Opus.

Mission : Impossible 2 – Opening Scene

So I’ll go and invent my villain where he is now: in the depths of the Dark Web.

And if you’ve seen the principle, being hidden, anonymous, he can come to the surface and put the soft internet to fire and blood, in all tranquility.

And now I know that my story of Festival Impossible is going to work as a real epic story: Altair Twin is on the Soft Web. My villain can enter it any way he wants.

And even better: Altair Twin has connections to the great online video games.
Not only can my villain enter – but he can also enter hidden under the appearance of a player.

So in my Festival, not only real spectators will be involved, but also all the players. And all the geeks addicted to Altair Twin’s very special VR.

What can we find on the Dark web?

The Chimera of Arezzo, c. 400 BC, found in Arezzo, an ancient Etruscan and Roman city in Tuscany, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Florence

But absolutely everything.
That leaves me to choose how my villain, my Chimera, will want to destroy the world.
With money: it’s very easy and it always works. Especially on real spectators.
By disease: no, that’s Mission Impossible 2 – and that’s our news.
Through madness: that’s better already. By creating an infernal addiction that forces you to go crazy.

It’s not difficult to drive someone crazy with digital technology.
Players already know that.
When you can’t get out of a world. When you’re stuck. When you’ve permanently lost your credentials the moment you turn off the device.
When you’ve offered your “corners” to the Anons.
I trust myself to invent a virus that drives you crazy. After all, I’m a fan of Sheogorath.
Besides – me, it’s fiction.

Sheogorath – Skyrim ( by Bethesda)

This virus will be found in the Altair Twin ship – wandering through the dangerous virtual worlds of the outer planets in a very big video game.

Altair Twin and its artists, on a mission to bring exciting virtual culture to everyone.

The villain – and the hero – will first fight in the spaces of Altair Twin.

But since he’s a real villain – he’ll have to be forced to unmask himself and get out of the virtual world. And bring him to the real Altair locations.

I think a first part of the Festival with the fight – won by the villain – in the heights of the Main Hall could be quite… entertaining.

Especially since the fight will also take place virtually, and everyone will be able to see it. We’ll be praying for help from our favourite players.

And since I’m a real screenwriter and like to play with my audience – I think the final night will only give the hero a very partial victory.

The final victory – and therefore the final fight – will take place on the last evening of the Mythical Festival.
It will be a story in three films – three events – three Festivals.

Next time, I’ll unravel the virtual/real link – or I’ll give you another glimpse of the work.

Pegasus – Palais Garnier (Paris)

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Featured Image : Bellerophon and Pegasus VS Chimera

The battle of Bellerophon against Chimera – Roman mosaic

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