Workshop : Puppets

Just because I’m stuck at home with my kids doesn’t mean I’m thinking of puppet workshops for kids… Actually, it does.
Puppets are the children’s first step towards the show.

And seeing them build an incredible character with a spaghetti tongs (you know, the one you use three times that you forget in a drawer… ), well it’s a nice souvenir!

You can make simple puppets; when you’re the parent at home: put two circles and a smile on one finger, and you’ve got Miss Happy. Two bars and a smile upside down on another finger, and there’s her favourite friend: Mr. Grumpy.

You can take some glue and use all the old stuff that’s lying around: the basic thing is to be able to place eyes.

Once there are eyes, you have the character – all you have to do is dress him up, give him his character and voice, and , that’s it!

Have fun waiting to go to the show with the kids!

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Featured Image : from the Event : Festival off des Marionnettes

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