L’Italiana in Algeri

It’s not Rossini’s most famous opera. Apart from opera lovers, no one knows this work.
And yet, what a joy in this upheaval.
L’Italiana…. is an opera from the time when opera was popular: you didn’t need to have your music lover’s “card”.

That doesn’t mean this opera isn’t hard to play.
It doesn’t mean there aren’t some beautiful arias.
On the contrary, it is very technical for artists.

But the spectator is taken by the exuberance of the story. By the multiple characters with multiple facets, by this beautiful Italian woman who does as she pleases and leads all her lovers as she pleases.

It’s an opera written on a very classical comedy motif: the rich old man – the bey of Algiers – the beautiful Italian woman – multiple lovers – false identities, all in a very enjoyable and tasty imbroglio.

The Marriage of Figaro, the Barber of Seville are built on these themes too. And this allows us to say everything we are not allowed to say, because we keep the right to laugh.

Salzbourg Festival – directors :Patrice Caurier and Moshe Leiser

This 2013 version is complete and it too, shows that seriousness is not always the case at the Opera.
Or more precisely, that comedy and pleasure are such difficult and demanding arts that we no longer even have the impression that the artists are making an effort.

It is works like these, popular works where mastery fades before the joy of the spectator that we will have to put forward in order to participate in making opera popular again.

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Featured Image : Cecilia Bartoli in L’Italiana In Algeri

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    1. 😀 Of course it counts! Making people “love opera” has been one of my challenges for the past few years.
      I had a lot of preconceptions (it’s old, it’s expensive, it’s boring, you don’t understand anything and it breaks your ears – I was like a kid), and I forced myself.
      And then there’s a big discovery: a singer who comes down to the stage and touches you while singing, without a microphone, it’s an incredible perception.
      And in the end, I discovered all the different registers, the comic (very often), the fantastic and the tragic. Now I love.

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        1. Wow ! I’m proud now ❤ thank you 🙂 Try one time … If you see "L'Italiani…", you'll laugh. If you see La Traviata, you'll cry. If you see Figaro, you're going to love it – and if you have a venue not too far from your home, first watch on Youtube what the company does (there are great companies … and others …. , well…..less … less …? incredible ??? …..companies ! )

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            1. 🙂 Restrictions… bad weather always ends.
              And the opera buddy,…. well… even a not too convinced husband can come !!! – The French woman offers wine at the bistro, I don’t know if it’s done in the United States? … In France, it works like fishing bait. 😀

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  1. I love opera and listen to the music quite often and just dance around my apartment. I will go to the opera again as soon as it opens. Thank you for your post and sending you love ❤️

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